Reach Two


On today’s row, the forth stage of the RAID, we were accompanied by Carol and Maxine, two coaches from Belleville’s Quinte Rowing Club. We had perfect conditions, especially for their Hudson touring double on this 22K stretch of the Bay of Quinte called the Adolphus Reach. Even with a half hour stop along the way we were able to cover the distance in just three hours. Maybe the ice cold Beaus beer awaiting us at the finish had something to do with the fast pace.





RAID Delayed

Looking west from from Belleville's Norris Whitney Bridge

Looking west towards Trenton from Belleville’s Norris Whitney Bridge

Our RAID was to start this morning but unfortunately strong winds, cold temperatures and a continuous downpour forced us to cancel today. It was very disappointing, especially since some members of the Quinte Rowing Club were going to accompany us with a quad and a safety boat with additional crew. We will now start out from Belleville on Monday, skipping the first stage in order to stick to our planned schedule. The Trenton to Belleville row might be completed as a separate row at a later date.

In preparation for today’s row, we had trailered the boats to Trenton yesterday afternoon where we had a great meeting with the Trenton Rowing & Paddling Club. One of the skiffs was launched and 8 members from their club got a chance to experience rowing in a St Ayles skiff. The response was very positive.

Looking ahead to next week, the weather improves considerably.