Sunday Waupoos Island Row

WomensCrewDuring the week we get out on the water Tuesday and Thursday mornings for our recreational rows which includes some training, cox instruction and impromptu races. Most Sundays, for a change of pace, we row around Waupoos Island which lies directly in front of the marina. The island has few human inhabitants but at this time of year its populated by over 2,000 sheep. It’s approximately a 10K row and on a good day we can make the rounding in just over an hour. Today the conditions were ideal and we had two full crews.

Women's crew leaving the dock

Women’s crew leaving the dock

Men's crew in pursuit

Men’s crew in pursuit

The new footstretchers on Sea Spirit have proven to be a big improvement on the original design so we are now in the process of retrofitting Sea Shadow. Also, another set of oars is under construction to the same dimensions as the last set built for Sea Spirit. The longer inboard length, better balance and more flexibility were much appreciated by the rowers.


Canada 2 – Set to Launch


After a three month pause in construction waiting for warmer weather, work got started again in mid-April. Over the last few weeks the interior of “Sea Spirit” was completed and she is now ready to accompany her sister “Sea Shadow” on the water. Excitement has been building ever since it was announced a second skiff was to be built. We’re all looking forward to some friendly competition, less time waiting on the dock for our turn to row and also getting more people involved.



Other than the exterior hull colour scheme there are only a few minor differences in the boats: douglas fir for the stems instead of white oak and pine for the floorboards replacing the western red cedar. The footstretchers were redesigned to make them more easily adjustable and have a greater range. New wooden oars using a simpler construction and offering more flexibility were built before the first planks were hung.

A ceremony is being planned for the end of the month to celebrate the launching of Canada’s second St Ayles “Sea Spirit”. In the meantime we will conduct sea trials and attempt to get ourselves back into shape for this season.