Skiffie Worlds Update, July 31st


Jane, Tony, Marilyn, Ann, Sandy, Bob and Elyse

Last dispatch from the 2016 Skiffie World Championships in Northern Ireland.

The races are finished, the celebrations over and the last Guinness tipped in Killyleagh (for now). We made our Ayle Of Quinte Skiff Club and The County proud. There was an incredibly warm feeling toward the Canadian team and we were welcomed everywhere. Our team was completed by the skilled and enthusiastic Scots, Helen, Jean and Robbie. Ramharry, the boat we rowed, was generously loaned to us by the Donaghadee Coastal Rowing Club in Northern Ireland.

We have been very impressed with the significant community involvement and support for every European team that we encountered and look forward to developing the same level of engagement and support in The County.
Let’s row!

Your cub reporter reporting from Strangford Lough, Ireland
Jane Dean

2 thoughts on “Skiffie Worlds Update, July 31st

  1. Well done Jane! I have been trying… without success… to get mcleans mag interested. But so what.  A great event.Best B&N 

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