Fully Crewed

Don’t know how we managed with just two boats. More than enough rowers to crew all three boats.

William S Shipp

William S Shipp

Sea Spirit

Sea Spirit

Sea Shadow


Back on the Water


The William S Shipp is back on the water! After a year in retirement, she joins Sea Shadow and Sea Spirit, our other two Canadian skiffs. Seeing the three of them on the water is indeed a lovely sight. Once again a big thank you to Renbrook School, Toby Goodrich and Jane Shipp for their generous donation. The William S Shipp is a much appreciated addition to our club and it’s growing membership.




Almost There

-2Our To Do List is down to the last few items  1) Glue in floorboard supports  2) Install turnbuttons to hold floorboards in place  3) Apply one more coat of paint to the interior and sheerstrake  4) Reapply the name to both sides of the bow

The William S Shipp should be ready to relaunch by the end of the week.



In the Workshop


The interior of the William S Shipp has been painted and she is now ready to receive a fresh coat of white paint on the exterior. Meanwhile, in the workshop the new thwarts have been varnished and the foot stretchers and the floorboards are nearing completion.