Week Three – Wednesday

Planks sorted and bundled

Planks sorted and bundled

Today we sorted and carefully checked all the planking material. After which the three pieces that make up each plank were bundled together and put aside to await their turn in the planking process.

Outer stems clamped around inner stems

Outer stems clamped around inner stems

When the clamps were removed from the inner stems the springback was very close to what we had estimated for the number of laminations. The inner stems were then cleaned up, covered in packing tape and placed back on the jigs so the outer stems could then be laminated around them. We’re hoping our second lamination job is as successful as the first. Next week we’ll be shaping the stems and hog in preparation for the garboards.


2 thoughts on “Week Three – Wednesday

  1. I’m excited to discover a St. Ayles skiff being built here in Ontario (and in one of my favourite places too)! I’ll be following your build closely as we want to build one here, as soon as we can find a suitable place to do it. Any possibility you would allow visitors to drop by and have a look?
    All the best with your build!

  2. Never seen so many clamps – I’ve got a few spare from Dad’s garage if you want any more Greg, might be a bit tricky getting them to you though! Glad you are enjoying the project so much, am following the progress. Zoe x

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