Bay of Quinte RAID

Bay of Quinte, Ontario, Canada

Bay of Quinte

This September we are planning a RAID (rowing only) through the Bay of Quinte with our two skiffs. The 100K distance will be done in 5 stages, each between 16 – 22K long. No camping involved on this RAID as we will be close enough to home to retire to our own beds after each day’s row. Anyone with a rowing craft who would like to join in, please contact us via a comment to this post.


RAID Planning Committee awaiting their beer

RAID Planning Committee awaiting their beer

In Good Company

The Ayle of Quinte Skiff Club is proud to announce our membership in RowOntario and Rowing Canada. We are probably the most unique member in their organizations. Our boats are quite different from the sleek sliding seat racing shells of other clubs. Even their coastal and touring boats don’t come close to the geometry of our St Ayles skiffs. Through our association with these two groups we hope to introduce and expand our type of rowing, both in our province and across Canada.


Lake Champlain Challenge Race Weekend – Part 2

Saturday 1st Race – Sea Shadow

Saturday 1st Race – Sea Shadow

Saturday 1st Race – Sea Spirit

Saturday 1st Race – Sea Spirit

Halftime at Barn Rock Harbor

Halftime at Barn Rock Harbor

Saturday 2nd Race

Saturday 2nd Race

Some of our onshore support crew

Some of our onshore support crew

Sunday Challenge Race – Sea Spirit

Sunday Challenge Race – Sea Spirit

Sunday Challenge Race – Sea Shadow

Sunday Challenge Race – Sea Shadow

Sea Spirit Crew

Sunday Challenge Race – Sea Spirit Crew

Sea Shadow Crew

Sunday Challenge Race – Sea Shadow Crew

Saturday Race 1 Results
9:45     Sea Shadow – Ayle of Quinte
10:06   Perseverance – LCMM Community Rowing
10:09   Resilience – LCMM Community Rowing
11:04   Sea Spirit – Ayle of Quinte

Saturday Race 2 Results
8:58     Sea Spirit – Ayle of Quinte
9:02     Sea Shadow – Ayle of Quinte
9:27     Perseverance – LCMM Community Rowing
9:50     Resilience – LCMM Community Rowing

Sunday 3 Mile Challenge Race Results
36:19    Sea Spirit – Ayle of Quinte
36:59    Perseverance – LCMM Community Rowing
38:11    Sea Shadow – Ayle of Quinte
40:15    Resilience – LCMM Community Rowing

Lake Champlain Challenge Race Weekend


What a great weekend! The weather, the racing, the setting and most important, the event organizers, couldn’t have been better. Lisa and Nick with the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum hosted an awesome regatta. On the Saturday there were two, one mile sprint races, across the lake with the St Ayles and six-oared gigs. On Sunday, the museum’s annual 3 mile race took place with separate starts for the gigs and the skiffs.

Our red T-shirts were visible everywhere, on the water racing, on the dock cheering and at the award presentations. More photos and race results to come.

Off to the Races


After this morning’s rowing session, the boats were given a much needed cleanup and then loaded onto the trailer, which had been recently modified to carry both Sea Shadow and Sea Spirit. Tomorrow we set off for a weekend of racing in Vermont at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. They have hosted a Sunday 3-mile Challenge Race in July for many years, open to non-motorized boats. Last year they added St Ayles skiff races on the Saturday and a separate start for for them on the Sunday. Twenty-two from our club went last year with Sea Shadow and had a fabulous time. We are very much looking forward to spending another great weekend with our American friends.





New Oars – Sea Trials


Rowed with the new oars today. Mixed reviews, but that seems to have been the case each time a new set of oars were introduced. It takes a bit of time to get used to the feel of a different oar. After some intense rowing, this coming weekend at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Challenge Race Weekend I’m sure we’ll have a lot more feedback.



Oars – Always in Motion

Oars3.0We have long since abandoned the first set of oars we used with Sea Shadow. They were short, carbon fibre oars that used gated, swivel oarlocks. Some of us miss rowing with those oars, being able to feather the blades added another dimension to the rowing stroke. Unfortunately they were not acceptable under the SCRA racing rules so the following winter we built our first set of wooden oars. Heavier and significantly longer than the carbon, they use a single thole pin and a plate attached to the oar. Any concerns we had rowing with these long, heavy oars were soon put to rest when the majority of our members preferred rowing with them. The most significant benefit was the increase in boat speed. This past winter saw the completion of our second skiff, Sea Spirit. A second set of wooden oars were built for her, that are longer again, especially on the inboard length. The balance was improved, they weighed less and were also more flexible. The women preferred the new oars but the men found the #2 and #3 oars a little too flexible. Back into the shop to build a third set, keeping all the dimensions as the last but hopefully a little stiffer. They should be ready for next Tuesday’s row when they will be put to the test.


Sunday Waupoos Island Row

WomensCrewDuring the week we get out on the water Tuesday and Thursday mornings for our recreational rows which includes some training, cox instruction and impromptu races. Most Sundays, for a change of pace, we row around Waupoos Island which lies directly in front of the marina. The island has few human inhabitants but at this time of year its populated by over 2,000 sheep. It’s approximately a 10K row and on a good day we can make the rounding in just over an hour. Today the conditions were ideal and we had two full crews.

Women's crew leaving the dock

Women’s crew leaving the dock

Men's crew in pursuit

Men’s crew in pursuit

The new footstretchers on Sea Spirit have proven to be a big improvement on the original design so we are now in the process of retrofitting Sea Shadow. Also, another set of oars is under construction to the same dimensions as the last set built for Sea Spirit. The longer inboard length, better balance and more flexibility were much appreciated by the rowers.

In the Spirit


Over 30 friends and rowers gathered for a Pot Luck BBQ  yesterday at the Waupoos Marina to celebrate the christening of our new skiff “Sea Spirit”. With this launch, Canada’s St Ayles fleet has doubled in size. Can a third boat be far behind?

Checking out the new oars

Checking out the new oars